Can anyone tell us what ever happened to the Hero Sandwich ?   Today they will refer to it as a ‘Sub’ or a Hoagy.  However in N.Y. at one time it only went by one name and one name only “A Hero Sandwich .”All that went to the way side.. Gone are the days went you ordered a Hero at an Italian Eatery and they actually hollowed out the center of the bread to load it up with more stuff. What we despise and  loath is when you order a Hero and instead  of puting The veal Parm or Egg plant in a some sort of baking dish in order to heat up… They place it right on the bread itself  to heat.  To us  that just leads us to believe that they don’t get a fresh  bread delivery on a daily basis.  When they do that all I can say is that it leaves a lot to be desired and I don’t care for it one bit. Then there is the club sandwich ( which is also some sort of a Hero Sandwhich). That can found at  any Jewish Deli ..At one time  it was also a Huge Sandwich.. well those days are long gone now.Today it has become a  very small  sandwich .They slice the bread on the bias to make it appear larger(their fooling no one) plus every  Jewish or German Style Deli as their slicing the Cold Cuts for their sandwiches the meat immediately hits a scale ..They maintain the exact weight that goes on your sandwich not a speck more . They  have it down to an exact science.Fnally there is the” dressed sandwich”.. That only means more lettuce and tomato less meat.  The Hero Sandwich is not what made the hero sandwich famous for



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