Gas Prices onThe Rise And Still No S.S. COLA

  people going broke  while paying high oil prices

Gas Prices Going Up Again..Were’s Our COLA? We were  promised that because of the low gasoline prices and home heating oil that seniors were not going to get a cost of living  increase in their  Social Security Checks. Now the President has put a halt on off shore drilling in  and because of this action-gas prices are on the rise once again .

No press outlet seems to care to report this or put iton the front page, just like the age to fully collect Social Security rose from 65 to 66 it is virtualy being given the blackout treatment by the press.
Call or write your representative and now that gas prices are soaring  tha we want our cola.
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Obama Bars Atlantic Offshore Oil Drilling in Policy Reversal
Tell the Obama administration: No more offshore oil and gas …


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