Are Israeli Jews Distancing Themselves Away from American Jews?


  Are Israeli Jews distancing  themselves away from American Jews? Does Non English Israeli Jews Have less in common among English Speaking Israelis & American Jews in General. Is the fact that the  Conservative and Reform elements of the Israeli population being treated second-rate by the  Chief Rabbis bearing its toll?

 The American Jewish public  seems to have found common ground in Politicians such as Netanyahu who was educated partly abroad in The US. rather than the strictly Hebrew Speaking Israelis. The non English speaking Israeli Generals and Politicians come across a sort of alienated from American Jews..

Netanyahu’s major appeal to American Jews was his command of the English language and not coming across and sounding like for lack of a better word what  Pre WW 11 American Jews once refered to as “A Mocky..Once another Israel politician obtains the Prime Minister office and English is not their first language drives a wedge  between & distances itself from who American Jewish voters can relate to as one of their own.

Many American Jews hailing from Eastern and. Central Europe  have often pondered if this could have been avoided  avoided had Israel Adopted  Yiddish as their national language rather than Hebrew .

Just think about all those Jews who came from Europe that would have packed up and moved to Israel However that’s a mute issue today.

 Has the Diaspora Jewish Community’s support eroding or at best a nominal or lack luster for Israel by from both American and non Israeli Jews?

Is this why American Jewish Lawmakers are voting contrary to Jewish and Israeli interests. In addition The Haredi and their small minor Political party “United Torah Judaism” are bending the major parties over the desk to get everything on their wish list. What the two major Israeli political parties have to do is shun them as they do the Arab Israeli parties when forming a government.  Whether  the Israeli population realizes it the American Jewish  Community  is directly  responsible for the most generous foreign aid package that Israel receives and keeps its that way voting Pro Israel Politicians..Although the American Jewish Community doesn’t put it’s life on the line by serving in the IDF it plays a vital role in the safeguarding ofIsrael.Do not alienate American Jews.

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Americans have A Different Look Than Foreigners « .Image result for hand pointing picture
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