Most Election Rallys are Staged And Are A Made To Deceive The Public

  Election Rallys for the most part are A bunch of Bull sh-t, they pack whatever venue or location with their own people to make it appear that the crowd is 100% enamored  with the canidate, its bullsh-t, I know for this for a fact ..When Donald Trump said that the boos were coming from the other canidates supporters, it rings a bell of truth. My Grandmothers  own Synagogue in Canarsie Brooklyn was asked to host a rally for Walter Mondale’s Predidency bid. They had a catering hall that had a 600 people capacity. The Mondale people informed the Temple committe that  between  press,security and Party faithful will fillup the most of the room, and there will only be 25 seats made available for the congragation members.  The Temple upon hearing this immediatly flat out Withdrew their request to use their Synagogue as merly a back drop to make it appear as if the congrgation loved their canidate .. This is the way itis at most rally’s and you  better believe it


File:Movable shelving at The National Archives.jpg


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