Some Republican’s Are Way out of Line

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      Certain Republican Party  members are way out of Line.First Donald Trump signed a pledge not to run as an Independent by the party  & now that Trump is running away with the  Republican  primary  nomination, Some Republicans  are looking to back out of their word and not honor the pledge..not right if you ask me .
.For someone to float around the thought to allow Mitt Romney to enter the race is totaly absurd,Romney is a  looser number one number  he lost 4 years ago ,Second, haven’t we learned anything from the past when the old Democratic party every four years would put up  Adelei Stevenson for President ? I don’t believe Trump is a racist , and that he is  not a friend of Isreal that is totaly absurd, His  own daughter is married to Someone Jewish and his grandchild is being raised Jewish.
We see a major 180 degree turn around from the press to somehow derail his campaign from now  before  Nov, 5th, this is not right. the electorate is speaking loud and clear and we must respect the voting process after all we are not in Russia. What we need is term limits to vote out of office the old stowarts ,old boys club , the old cadavors that now occupy the halls of congrees. Trump represents the new voter a new fresh style of leadership that plenty of folks are flocking to at the polls.let the electorial process work. /end



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