Trump Didn’t Drain The Swamp Enough

Trump Didn’t Drain The Swamp Enough..What should have did on day one of his Presidency is immediately give out pink slips to every Democrat Political appointee.. This Is The Crux Of Why Federal Agency’s Did Not Back Him Up With The Irregularities In The Election. 
When We say everyone we mean every both Mid level, Upper Echelon and low level appointees should have been given the axe from day one of his tenure in the white house.
Gone are days when a President can fire an entire department like Ronald Reagan did with the striking  air traffic controllers..Everyone today has some sort of political connection from the top man down to the janitor at each perspective agency departments.Civil Servants If they don’t get a Politician’s push would be wait listed  and never feed t at Uncle Sam’s Through. Each Administration Lets the the top and mid echelon stay around to get more time in for their pensions.Even the lowly custodian if they don’t know a politician get wait listed and die ln their civil service list.
While Trump should have fired all appointees both Republican and Democrat what he left unscathed is a cornucopia of non Trump Supporters.
Trump should have gone in like Gang Busters Democrat and Fire all former appointed personnel .Just look at the Justice Dept and the. F.B.I.Comey debacle .His axe have a also fell on. hard on Republican appointees who are incompetent and forget that public service is to serve to public not to give them a job.


Basically little if anything has nothing changed in any of the big Federal Agency’s from the VA all the way up to the Pentagon
Mind you each and everyone serves at the pleasure of the President.The higher up Republicans in his administration were not loyal to him.
He apparently took very bad advice from someone.His new broom did not sweep clean.Today the mainstream GOP in the we Legislator both houses are ni ty in his corner.same thing will occur again if he’s elected…No loyalty and and constant media hounded till his term is up .
Let the voting public think Ron Desantis..he has the  party members in his corner..Think about What about We Just told you.
International Herold

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