If Covid 19 Hasn’t Yet Dissipated In Our Atmosphere Then Perhaps China Is Continuing To Pump More Out Daily…



Is the Government being totally transparent with us visa vie the Cornona Virus? Even the Nuclear Fallout when we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t last this long. They claim that its droplets from our breath..We demand to know the truth is China manufacturing this Corona in the lab? The line that it came from the wet market where someone ate a bat…HA!!!

We believe that the only reason that Covid 19 still among us is we believe perhaps that China continues to pump out so to speak out more covid as we speak and is wreaking having on the world.
Has it been reduced to a flu strength status?
Everyone who know that acquires it as if late seems to survive and in  a week is back to their old routine..Are these new variant strain real?Are we being held hostage to China and big Pharma?

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