Major Stars Join The Band Wagon of Anti Semitism

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            Stars such as Elton John and Richard Gere have reared their ugly head, and have showed their true Anti Semitic  feelings by supporting The Palestinian cause. Today the new Anti Semites cloaks their Hatred of Jews under the veil of Palestinian Rights.. These people want to come across as warm caring compassionate people but in reality they are nothing more but cold bitter Bigoted Jew Haters.. Decent people of all backgrounds see right through this charade and know it for it really is just plain old Anti Semitism. The music and Movie Industry heads are fuming over  the loss of revenue which is stagering  that they will  be enduring from  the syndication and licencing rights of Geres movies after he reveled  his true colors. As far as any future movie career for Gere.. All we  can say at The Lerman Report  is stick a fork in it It’s  done”

For a the terrorist acts Perpetrated against Jews and Israelis  over the years mean absolutely nothing to them.. Apparently they believe the end justifies the means and Jewish life  doesn’t matter . Let them look at the film footage of the murder and mayhem that they preformed from  the murdering of innocent Isreali Olympic Athletes, the  attacks on kindergarten to the suicide bombings in the marketplace and then let them make such a public support of this group. The Palestinians still demand a 2 state solution.. Who are they bulls shitten. Israel handed over Sinai, Gaza and Part of the West Bank as a prelude to further future peace. Where’s the peace?  Like we said the terror  has continued unabated , from the stabbings to the Tunnels  intended to  kill  innocent civilians while they sleep,  the rocket  shelling, the intifada  & may we add that the hatered taught in their U.N.funded & run schools  knows no abounds.. Its practically a daily occurrence ..  Does this sound like it’s coming from people who desire peace?  Does anyone in their heart of hearts believe that Israel can once more trust them & take their word again on any future peace treaty?
We at International Herold are not for a 2 state solution but for a 23 state solution. At the present time there are 22 Arab Nations comprising an area the size of the continental U.S.  and only one Jewish Nation.. Does the Middle East really need another Arab nation? There is  absolutely no need for a 23 rd Arab  Nation?, Its’s not as if there is no country for them to live in. . Before 1967 when Jordan controlled West Jerusalem the so called “Palestinians” Never once even gave  one iota of a thought of an independent state of their own. The Arabs will never accept Isreal if it were only 1 inch wide.. The Palestinian Public Relations machine is reminiscent of that of the  lies and distortions that eminated from  Nazi Propaganda  chief Joseph Gobbels in the 1930’s. Israel is now being labeled an Apartheid look State.. How dare they make such statement .. .Many Arab Gulf nations including Jordan and Saudi Arabia (so called moderates)  Jews are forbidden to live there and the Palestinians make no secret that any future Palestinian nation will be devoid of Jews.. So who’s practicing Apartheid  ?
The U. obsessed with Israel.. They constintantly knock it from piller to post. They criticize The Israel while ignoring  dictatorial nations where totalarisim is the norm.. The World Stage is  a stacked deck for Israel to compete in.  We don’t even have to suggest to Jews that they boycott all these celebrities taking up the Palestinian cause.. it is a given /end
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