Age Limits On All Supreme Court Justices Tenure Should Be Imposed


Age Limits On All Supreme Court Justices Tenure Should Be Imposed. Lets Take A Lesson From The Catholic Church where All Where All Bishops Are Retired Automatically At 75 and. For A Pope a Suggested 80..Everyone once they hit 70 years of age get a little forgetful or as we like to term it in a much more palatable way experiencing a “Senior Moment”  
A Jurist Sitting in the capacity as a Supreme Court Judge Must be sharp minded without any lapses in memory.
We don’t know about you but We often wonder do these Supreme Court Judges Always do their own work or are they eventually at some point just sort of a figure head with staffers in the background rendering all their rulings.  
However not knowing if that’s the case a mandatory step down and retirement age should be in place. The American public deserves for a lack if a better word a sitting cadaver on the Bench.
WORLD HITS ON INTERNATIONAL HEROLD THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture



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