Our U.S.Of Government No Longer Working..Constantly At Odds With Each Other & Bogged Down..Our Solution

Our U.S. System Of Government Is No Longer Working..Constantly At Odds With Each Other & Bogged Down.We At The Lerman Report May Have The Solution At Hand. Not To Be Labeled Subversive or Un American We May Have The Idea That May Work To Fix That Problem.
First Off A Constitutional Convention Is In Order..The Only Thing That The Executive and Legislative Braches can Agree On Is The Pork Barrel Giveaways.Our Answer Will End That Forever..Our Plan Will Virtually Eliminate 100% Of The Pork Barrel Giveaways From Over 500 Members Of The Congress And Senate.
Here Is The Solution:
Have The Three Branches Of Government Constitutionally Dissolved And In It’s Place A Three Way South American Styled Non Military Elected Junta Giving More Power To The Senior Junta Member Who Whould Replace The Executive Branch Head Or Presidency.The Other Two Non Senior Members Of This Proposed Junta Would Take The Place Of Each One Of The Senate The Other Of Congress Thus Leaving Our Present Supreme Court As It Is Today “Unchanged”And “Unscathed” From The New Form Of U.S.Government.


We Will Then No Longer  Have Any Non Elected Positions Of Importance Such A Select Committee Chairmanship Posts Or Also Non Elected Sub Committee Post Chairs Or The Most Coveted Speaker Of The House Or Head Senater..All Three Whould Be Directly Elected Through One National Election Process At The Same Time…Leaving State Legislators And Municipalities Unchanged.
This Junta Would Not Be Made Up Strictly Of Non Military Personnel But Only Elected Officials And Be Based On And Tailored  Both To American Democratic Tastes And Laws.
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture


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