Don’t Watch Reruns of Hogan’s Heros

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       Don’t watch reruns   of Hogans Heros.The false portrayal of POW’S is downright insulting to our men and woman who served in the Armed Forces and were POW”S.When you see the old T.V. series Hogan’ s Heros starring Bob Crane,Richard Dawson it paints a false picture of all fun and games for the POW’S.They all appear to be having a great time of fun and camaraderie..This is the furthest from the truth for the WWII German POW Camp inside a German Stalag or The Hanoi Hilton or for the Poor Souls who endured the Bataan Death March of WWII and if they survived that they were led to a Japanese POW camp.
I personally had an Uncle who was an American  serviceman  captured in North Africa by Romels invading Army and sent to a German Stalag. The beatings  the Torture and stuff that went  there that we  can’t even begin to print here. There was even a POW WWII movie starring Peter Graves,Harvey Lembrick & William  Holden..Much if the same false picture being  portrayed.It was far from the reality of a POW camp ..Once again it was all  fun & games in the Pow camp just like as “The Hogan’s Heroes” T.V.Show.
 Whenever you see a War movie and you see the soldiers wearing official U.S. Army uniforms or even referring to themselves as U.S Army they enjoy the complete blessing and approval of the Pentagon  .Even when portraying a Post Office Employee for that matter and they are in shown wearing official Post office attire be rest assured it has the complete blessing & approval of UNCLE SAM as well. In other words perhaps our government wants this image to be  shown as to soften what is the true reality of war is really like.
If Uncle Sam dislikes the content of the script in any way shape, manner or form then it doesn’t give its approval to use official U.S. Uniform & insignia’s in that particular film. I saw many 3 stooges clips and the U.S.Army didn’t approve of their portrayal of The Army & they had to use non official  UNIFORMS &  badges in their films ..DO NOT FEED INTO THIS GROSS DECEPTION OF THE THAT THEY ARE PRESENTING.
International Herold

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