Whats With This Sriracha and The Salted Carmel Mystique

Image result for srirachaImage result for salted caramel pictures

Can anybody  enlightened me as to what is the mystique  of Sriracha  condiment and Salted  Carmel? I tried this  Sriraacha sauce..its a big zero ..nothing to right home about .. a medicore second rate preperation if I ever saw one.Yet every place is on the Sriracha bandwagan.. Why ? I personaly would take a Tabbassco style sauce anyday, Fanks Red Hot or El Tappatio etc. I went to a famous Sea Food resturant & ordered Sriracha Shrimp all it was was shrimp with some Sriiracha sauce Sqeezzed on it..This is cooking ? My favorite is a Vietnamese preparstion Sambal Oelek  (more like a pastes than a sauce),.Someone must own stock in some sort of Sriracha farm perhaps it’s their reason for pushing this  product big time. Then their  is Sriracha’s goood friend “Salted Carmel”again someone must own stock in  Carmal pruduction,because its all over the place  why every shmucck and his brother is selling some food product that has or is ‘Salted Carmel’  You be the Judge  is it  worth  anything? We say no.



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