State or Federal Gov’T Should Take Over Nassau County

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 The Government and for the moment I’m  speaking of the county and town  governments of Nassau County. There are 3 Towns,Hempstead, North Hempstead & Oyster Bay , 2 cities Long Beach and Glen Cove,64  incorporated village & 100 unincorporated villages should be Federalized or taken over by the state.
I don’t know what you think, But We  here at The Lerman Report. Com  think the varius Municipal Governments are totally out of control. None of these Municipal Entities exsist for the purpose of it elected officials non-elected officals, civil  servants and political appointees to make a living..They exsist  soley to run the  government thats all. Enough is enough the politicians are giving away the store just self serving without any forthought for the Hardworking Taxpayer. The brakes have to be put on the wasteful spending..start by giving out pink slips to plum political patronege jobs..more scrutiny on each and every  company that does  work for  various   Gov’ts within & Nassau County.
30 years ago interest rate on a CD was 18% the municipalities made back  their input to  the civil pensions in 3 interest is less than 1% .Today a Civil servant works for 20 years retires at 38 and with the lifespan & longevity the way it is can live up  to 90 and collect for 50years..Uterly  Outrageous! The extra fee on  moving violations ,the red light cameras,the speeding cameras,the Town of Hempstead giveaway to the Green Acres Mall Developers  voted by a non elected board and dont tell us that something of this magnitude didn’t pass muster with the higher ups? Managno and Venditto (Oyster Bay Town Supervisor)under federal incitement. Not only did the politicians sell out the future of this once great County but the present as well..Time for a big shakeup.


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