You Tell Me That Non Of The Mainstream Press Knew That Steve Bannon Was In The Forfront Of Trump’s Campaign?

        We often find it a bit unbelievable when the day after the election that you first  hear about  Who will be White House  Chief of Staff, or in this case  that the press  knew nothing of Steve Bannon’s top involvement & slated to be  Trumps right hand man.We don’t  by that for one minute. Not one press agency  or reporter  neither print or  broadcast ever made mention of this.. Someone known  for leaning & supporting White Supremacy & it was  hushed up? Trump was supposed to clean up the Swamp of Washington DC..looks like he bullshited his voting base and is now  either softening  or reneging  on his campaign promises only one day after the election. While where not fans of  Chris Christi with  Bridgegate looming over him & The 23 cents a gallon  Gasoline  increase in Jersey, But after  Christi lended his support  all through the campaign to sort if drop him like a hot potato  because  Christi prosecuted  Trump’s son in laws tell me that Trump was of aware of that situation  at day one ?    The first 100 days in office is supposed to be a Honeymoon period with the press looks like there’s really no need for a “Honeymoon’  since it just about appears that the press was in bed with him all along.

Steve Bannon runs an anti-Semitic website, is a misogynist and will be …


Anti-Defamation League decries Stephen Bannon, while other Jewish ..     


Trump Campaign CEO Steve
Here’s why white supremacist groups love Stephen Bannon – NY Daily … 
          WORLD HITS ON INTERNATIONAL HEROLDTHIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture



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