Additional Fee Proposed For Tickets In Nassau County

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        Dick Powell – With Plent Of Money and You     Light Orchid  –


    Nassau County Executive Ed mangano has  proposed an additional fee which will be added on in addition to the actual ticket cost of a moving motor vehicle violation which is slated to go to fund police overtime & rising  Police salaries.. Why should should Mr. And Mrs. Motorist pay for the county’s mismanagement of our taxes .We in Nassau County pay amoung the highest taxes nationwide,let the politician’s’start giving out  some pink slips & layoff some feather betting  jobs along with all the other plum political patronege jobs and save us from this fee. Its bad enough that I our  auto insurance carriers tie into the DMV computor and when they see that we were ticketed our insurance  rates go up. This new fee lends itself to perhaps overzealous police officers to  engage in a speed up of some kind  issuing more tickets  since the  extra revenue goes to  fund the  Police in one way or another…
We here at the Lerman Report would like to see  The N.Y. State troopers take over all  patroling on each and every state road in The County.. We are paying into the State coffers for thier services ..lets utilize them..also You can replace a Policeman with an Emt to arrive at an auto accident to take down the info ..You don’t need a high priced Police Officer to do that.Also  ever read your  tax bill ..well the Police Brass take a  very big chunk out of the tax pie.They  deserve a cut  and out whatever the savings derived from that put towards the Rank and File Officers. Also cut starting back on Salary & pension give aways for top Brass .This fee is nothing but a crying shame on the motorist back…enough is enough..time to vote them all out of office..they no longer have our interest at heart.
Mangano Proposes $10 Fee On Nassau County Traffic Tickets ..Light Orchid

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