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1..Is the Jewish voting block diminishing because of A population shift? Is intermarriage taking its toll .and subsequent9 there are less Jewish voters?
2.Is A rising Antisemitic attitude prevailing and rearing its ugly head? Is immigration to The U.S. bringing more Moslems and groups that are at odds with Jewish political view?
3. It is the belief at The Lerman Report that all these factors are at work.Much needes right now is some sort of Jewish education is administered the Jewish population today
,  4.Synagogues must bring down the cost of memberships.. Rabbis must take pay cuts so that the congregation can have a dues payment they can afford. If Jewish population figures plummets in the next census it may spell doom for a Jew to be on a national ticket.
Thou the Jewish population are miss counted due to the fact that most Jews are unaffiliated and not directly asked on the census form .There remains misleading as to actually what the Jewish Population actually is.
From a period in time from 1870 to 1918 most immigration to the U.S.A. was from Eastern Europe by Jews exiting from the Pogroms.
ALLthough Italy has the Highest overall nation of Immigrants to the U.S. A. from those dates it was the Jews that arrived here from many  nations making their numbers higher then it  appears to be. This is a very serious matter that must be addressed. all these factors must be added into the thought process of can a Jew be  elected President of the U.S.A.?

Jews Don’t vote For Self Hating Jews …Elect … – The Lerman ReportLight Orchid

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