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Say no to and all Nuclear energy plants anywhere in your state . Just look at Chernobyl there is a 20 mile wide forbidden zone at site of that reactor mishap or the meltdown at  Fuduka Shimano in Japan which is a hundred times worse than the devastating damage done at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and last but not least let’s not forget 3 Mile Island  which was not much better  ..  The cancer rate from these mishaps are through the roof..  Even today people are born sick with deformities, the birth defects  caused  by the radiation are way beyond the scope of what occurred in the days Thalidomide.  As of today there remains no  safe plan in place for any disposal of spent nuclear waste  from these power plants.

Former N.Y.State Governor Coumo planed to tax every locality  in his state to recoup whatever cost it takes to bail out these 3 upstate  utility companies that’s failing due to their gross mismanagement.

Its  high time to reconsider burning coal..its cheap its plentiful and with unions today its a well sort after job..Gone are the day that Tennessee Ernie Ford used to sing about..,Filters  can be put in place to make coal-burning environmentally friendly ..Why should it be our responsibly to come to the aid of these Utilities companies and pull their chestnuts out of  the fire . Let the stock holders pay for their loss not the “home owners or the rate payers” .  Stop nuclear plants now call or write your representative today.

Keep this fact in mind Nuclear Electrical Plants Are The Dangerous Thing On Earth..It Is Only A cheap way to boil water to turn a turbine..If coal or oil produced electric costs for arguments sake $10 per kilowatt and nuclear cost a half a penny..the rate payer will never save anything only the stockholders will benifits



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Nuclear company that got N.Y. subsidy was hit with tax penalty – NY …
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