Are Jewish Woman Decimating The Jewish Population by Refusing to Date Jewish Men?

  ARE JEWISH WOMAN DECIMATING THE JEWISH POPULATION BY REFUSING TO DATE & MARRY JEWISH MEN?   There are 2 Types of Jewish woman, 1 the self  hating Jew that considers each and every Jewish man a Nerd or Nebish,and are not man enough for them to date and the 2nd the Gold Digger that wants nothing less than a Doctor or lawyer or anyone who makes a 6 figure salary ,
    It doesn’t matter how good looking or how good a family man he’d make between the two it makes it very difficult for Jewish men to meet suitable Jewish partners The latter Character flaw is not taught at home but not discouraged either that former is well indoctrinated in the mind of Jewish women that no one who installs cable or works a low level white color job need  not apply? To quote a line from fiddler on the roof ” Isn’t a poor man entitled to a little happiness?” I will say this although I stand by what I Just described above  ..I will just add that amoung the more relgious Jewish communities  this generally  does not occur. What Hitler couldn’t accomplish Jewish women are finishing the job of decimating the Jewish Population *

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