Antiquated Hebrew Language Teaching Sytem Must Go

      Blessings before Haftarah and after     Click open link in new tab                   The Antiquated Hebrew Language Teaching   system that is place now in all Hebrew Schools and Chaders must go and make way for a new language course.When one goes to Hebrew  they read Hebrew Phonetically in other  words they learn the alphabet and can read write, and pronounce it but haven’t the slightest clue as what they are saying .We Think its high time that the same course method used in Chinese  Greek  Polish languge schools be used in all Hebrew schools outside of Israel now, I personal know people of Greek Background born in the U.S .A of American English speaking parents and go to Greek school at lets say 5 years old and learn it as a living speak able language same goes for Chinese and Polish. This system  must become the curriculum in all Hebrew schools soon. end

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The Lerman Report Staff


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