Jewish Synagogue Service attendance At An All Time Low


      Jewish Synagogue Service is on the ropes,partly because of old school ideas, I went to Florida  a while back  and  wanted to attend a celebration of a relatives 85 th birthday at the shull..I was denied entry because I  was not dressed properly in a suit & tie.The services are too long , Yom kippur services practically totaled 9 hours.

   What I proposes is a radical change in the synagogue service , 1. get rid of the cantor and replace it with a will  pack the people in once again like years past  2..let the people attending sit on comfortable leather lounge chairs like  Starbucks has in its seating  3.let the congregants  have coffee or any beverages food available with the service 4.   .Dress code should be whatsoever one wants so long as its cleanly washed or and pressed within reason of  modesty 5.shorten the length of the service &,6. teach Hebrew  the same way the Chinese or Greek or Polish send their kids to Greek , Chinese or Polish school were they learn their language as a living spoken tongue ,not phonetically like as its done in Hebrew schools as we know it today were you read Hebrew but don’t understand what your reading.7 accept as fully Jewish with one as if both parents were Jewish ,whether it be mother or Fathers decent even   in all demonstrations from orthodox to reform. and that’s my proposal ..take it or leave it.. Don ”Moses”Lerman

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