Antisemitism Rears Its Ugly Head Worldwide

Isreal is the only nation that has to answer to the world body as where it can have its   capital. and where or where  or where not it can build houses . Its  Prime Minister is called on the carpet at the White House and read the riot act. Even if Israel went along with every Arab conditions it wouldn’t  be enough, Nothing is going to make the Antisemites like Israel and  Jews , But By standing firm they may gain respect if not love for Israel , There isnt a European Nation that wants to see a nuclear device in  MuslIm hands  yet no one will support  Israel when they voice their fears for an Islamic Bomb, Israel must not bend from world pressure , they don’t give  crap for Jews to begin with. this pressure e on Israel is reviving old  blood libel type hatred.   at this very moment in time the Palestinian authority along with the other 22 Arab nations are teaching Nazi type propaganda in their U.N. Funded  schools.The Jewish State must do whats in their interest first and last and always.end

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