New Wave( No Pun Intended)of Barbers From Former U.S.S.R. Best in U.S.A.



 I’ve noticed that  in the last  20 years there were new group of barbers that spoke Russian…looked middle eastern and closed their shop on Rosh Hashanah..They are Jewish barbers from the former Soviet Union .They hail from countries such as Azerbaijan, and Bokhara.They have technique that’s about the best I”V seen in my 70 yrs.. even the discount barber shops their skill is unbelievable, The best haircut around.
I personally go to one in my neighborhood and I get my haircut ( every 2 weeks ) If they here where were they when I was growing up, I suspect that  in the late sixties we may not have a Hippy era and revolt on getting haircuts.end

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