Tough Sanctions Are Not Forth Coming For Iran

Iran  is a very dangerous adversary, for them to have attained nuclear capabilities is a direct threat to peace in the middle east. What we need is a naval blockade of the strait of Huruz and tough sanctions , and then tell them to shove their oil wherether sun don’ tshine. Iran needs crippling sanctions not stinging as the state dept, has suggested. An Atom Bomb is at hand in a loose cannon of a country run by a maniac.what we must put  in place is a total sea and air blockade along with . with sanctions for countries that import their goods (, no foreign aid , no trade protection  no more immigration from their nations). Russia seems to be willing to see l them the enriched  Uranium and need parts for a doomsday machine , We must put Russia in its place , No oil imports  from them until they reverse their thought on this issue.end</span>

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