Should Jews Change The Name From Jews To Judean?


Black people have changed their description from Negroes  and  or Colored to Blacks and or to African Americans,
Asian people have   dropped the Oriental tag for Asian. Stewardess for flight attendant. The Personnel Department has  became Human Resources,Perhaps its high time that the name Judean ( Yehudi in Hebrew) be resurrected once more to replace the noun “Jew” which can often be used in a disparaging  way just by referring to them name Jew.
This should be implemented in nations that now use the term or name Jew that indicates someone of  Hebrew Heritage.
Jews should take up the cause with a fervor that hasn’t been seen since Limburg returned from Paris.Jewish people should be very upset when they are referred to as a Jew as the  above mentioned  show their displeasure when  use it as a verb.

One comment on “Should Jews Change The Name From Jews To Judean?

  1. Jim Persons says:

    Very creative posting–that the name Judean be resurrected. You wouldn’t want to make the motto of The Lerman Report “All the news that fits we print” because that is too similar to the New York Times “All the news that’s fit to print.”


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