Time To Ban The Sale of Cigarettes


  Cigarettes are so bad for us why don’t they just ban the sale,  importation and growing of all tabbacco products period ? Smokers have been reduce to pariahs in the workplace  in restaurants  all over . If your in restaurant and light up , they can throw you out and call a cop  but if you sit there and break wind they can’t do a thing to you.. How unfair. In the workplace smokers are going out for smoke every half hour , look at the loss in productivity..Nobody quits for the price  of cigaretes .In third  world nations like the Philippines ,Bangkok and West Africa where people don’t have  a pot to piss in ,they are willing and  do pay $20 a pack for American Brand cigarettes.
So the Government kows that   in a relatively healthy American Economy  we’ll pay $10 a pack most willing .Its an addiction harder to stop than Heroin. The first thing the U.S. should do is no more subsidizing the  growing of  tobacco . followed total ban in 3 years  with Tough measure for illegal import and sales to include Rockefeller type drug laws  to be enacted for the sale distributive , importation and growing of all tobacco products. It should be a bipartition effort and a National Lottery should be put forth to replace the loss in tax revenue.

  • We personally would like to take this opportunity to thank our entire loyal fan base throughout the entire World .. Bartholomew Bitsko

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