Jews Should Boycott Starbucks.. Jewish Groups Kicked To The Curb Disinvited To Be Apart Of Sensitivity And Anti Bias Input

Starbucks in offering sensitivity training for having some Black people arrested have removed Jewish organizations from those to be involved in their in training for sensitivity and anti bigotry.
It appears that Starbucks respect for all backgrounds doesn’t apply to Jews.. While the Mainstream  Media is praising Starbucks  to High Heaven they are virtually ignoring the snub and disinvited any and all Jewish Groups from particiption.This apparently came about from pressure from Tamika D. Mallory activist and the national co-chair for the Women’s March who is closely aligned with Linda Sasour and Louis Farrakhan.
Starbucks Drops Jewish Group Anti-Defamation League From Anti …
Bitter bias at Starbucks as chain buys anti-Semitic canard to dump the …/
Tamika Mallory is who had Starbucks CEO ear and had them drop Jewish participation 
We call this a travesty and both despicable & beyond a shame

  1. Tamika Mallory dropped from Australian event over anti-Israel remarks …
Women’s March leader defends relationship with Farrakhan – CBS News/
U.S.Womans “Right March” Diceptive As To True … – The Lerman Report0/

Not only Jews but all people of Decency from every background should immediately boycott Starbuck’s and any company that align themselves with such haters  as Louis Farrakhan.

To think that the former starbucks CEO  Howard Shultz at that time that let this continue was Jewish remains beyond comprehension..and with  behavior more suited for the likes of KAPO & he has aspirations to run for President? He couldn’t get elected Dog Catcher.

kapo meaning:

International Herold  would like to take this opportunity to thank their entire loyal fan base all throughout the World…. Lerman Report has underwent a sale and all of its contents and posts are now part of International Herold.Com

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