U.S.Womans “Right March” Diceptive As To True Motives. Don’t Be Fooled Any Longer

   Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign     First off let us say right from the get go that We at The lerman Report are 100 % for Womans rights..However it has come to or attention that many of these so called right groups are being disingenuous as their true agenda.. At each and every rally for any cause thier are paid protestors or agitators who are nothing more than shills there to work up the crowd. We became suspicius when at every rally we can see the Palestinan flag being waved all over the place..this and other far left issues have absolutley nothing to do with ”Womans Rights”..We obtained a copy of ‘Womams Rights” platform and it seems that they have a hidden agenda Amoung one of these hidden agendas items are US ‘Women’s Strike’ platform calls for ‘decolonization of Palestine” .This has absolutly nothing whatsover to do with womans rights issues..The public is being dupped by this and many other  organizations..We urge everyone to get acquainted  with each and ever organiztions platform before you lend either your them your finnacial support or join one of their picket lines.  We have posted this clip below in order to show her true motives…

NOW READ THISRelated image
US ‘Women’s Strike’ platform calls for ‘decolonization … – Jerusalem Post/
Linda Sarsour, Women’s March organizer, works to … – Jerusalem Post/
Women’s March organizer Sarsour slams ‘attack … – Jerusalem Pos/
Women’s March Organizer Linda Sarsour Accused of Being Anti …/


Ayaan Hirsi Ali says controversial Women’s March organizer is a ‘fake ../


Courtney Love Calls Women’s March Organizer a “Fraud”/
Linda Sarsour – Wikipedia/

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*I personally would like to take this opportunity to thank my entire loyal fan base all throughout the World….   Moses Lerman

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