Migrant Workers Refusal To Leave..Solution Next Time Let Your Countryman Do The Dirty Work Themselves


We see the situation unfolding in Israel  concerning the Migrant workers is playing out at this very minute in  every E.U.Nation’s as Well and the all the Arab Gulf or Saudi peninsula states. Today in either modern … All of these workers are hailing from either Africa ..The Indian Sub Continent ..The Pacific Rim  or the Balkans. Western or industrialized nations the population has become fat and lazy.
 Once  their contract has ended many refuse to return  to their nation of origin.. like the old song goes”How ya  gonna keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree? They got a taste of the good life and enjoy like we do.Some can not go back to their old country sometimes there may have been revolution  or some sort of political upheaval of sorts back  home.  I don’t want to make Israel a special privilege character ..but there is a delicate balance to maintain a Jewish majority in order to maintain the Jewish homeland.I never liked to blame the victim .. but in this case who’s the victim these migrants or the populate that hired them? However all of the Lazy Nations should have had thought that  this out before importing these workers.

Bottom line to all nations that continue to import migrant worker start doing the dirty work yourselves..  you reap what you sow..get off your big fat rear ends ..roll up your sleeves and do a hard days work

EU ministers agree to tighten rules on migrant workers


Migrant workers in the Gulf region 


How Bangladesh sold its future to the Gulf states


Israel’s Invisible Filipino Work Force

                         INTERNATIONAL HEROLD

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