If The Law Concerning The Sale Of Medical Marijuana Just Passed ..Then How Come It’s Available Right Away?

      How did all these Marijuana growers  get away with growing their stock before the Law was passed?   Marijuana has  now become available along with all strains of growth in great supply in every state where the laws were changed..
We are talking about hundreds of different varieties instantly available along with brand names and pet names for each strain.How was all this growing  allowed while it was still pending legislation? Keep in mind that it took several months to grow process this crop.They apparenty were in violation of the law right from the get go when they planted the very first seed..
It”s beyond the government looking the other way with wink and a nod. Who and where are these Pot growers from?…  If it was done secretly in basement then the high electric bills from bills from ultra violet lights would have set up a red flag.


However it appears this present for sale stock was either grown in the open in fields and green house in plain view for all to see. It’s all local grown.If by any chance that you’re wondering perhaps it was not grown locally but imported where it didn’t have to pass muster in keeping within the parameters of our laws…The answer is NO it’s all domesticity grown Weed.All though there is grey area if it was shipped in from states where the Laws  effecting Marijuana were passed before.
We are not here to pass judgement on the wisdom  of Smoking Pot or to take a stand siding either with the Pro’s or Con’s of Legalizing Pot..However we remain  baffled as who allowed this occur.
The Marijuana stores almost seem to open up instantly by passing any governmental restrictions such as visits from the Board of Health ,Weights and Measures,U.S.D.A..or Building code Inforcement.Perhaps not in all jurisdictions ..but it ‘s happening in many Municipalities across the country. We are scratching our heads in puzzlement at all his instant Sale of Pot right after any favorable legislation and find it all suspect…What about you?
rowds swamp San Diego’s pot shops on first day of recreational ..Image result for hand pointing picture


Marijuana Legalization 2018: Which States Might Consider CannabisImage result for hand pointing picture




The U.S. legal marijuana industry is booming – Jan. 31, 2018.Image result for hand pointing picture


Bellevue Pot Shop – Bellevue Marijuana Dispensary.Image result for hand pointing picture


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