American Voters Say No To Modern Day Carpetbaggers.


America’s foundation of Democracy   was created on voting for your local or Statewide fellow citizen.
How many of us who are old enough and who hail from N.Y. State  remember when Bobby Kennedy ran for the U.S.Senete Seat against James Buckley. Kennedy Parachuted in from Massachusetts to run for  the N.Y Senete Seat.Buckley’s campaign commercials said that if Bobby Kennedy could vote in this election he’d  vote for Buckley. Hillary Clinton also did the exact  same thing mentioned above.Why did Neda Loewy who was poised  to run for the N.Y. Senate step aside and make way for Hillary Clinton to run?What if anything  was done in order  to persuade Loewy  to give up the dream of  becoming a U.S Senator?
Now Massachusetts resident  Romney just Parachuted into  want s to run into Utah and tossed his hat in the ring to run for Senator for retiring Oren  Hatch’s Senate seat.
This parachuting into a state or municipality in order to run for political office is not what America is all about .It flies the  face of our electorial system.
We urge everyone from Utah to vote for their native son or daughter and send Romney packing  back to Massachusetts

Romney makes it official: He’s running for Senate in Utah – The ..Image result for hand pointing picture
Hillary Clinton Elected to Senate From New York – The New York TimesImage result for hand pointing picture
Bobby Kennedy Runs Against JamesBuckey   scrubbed by search engines).Image result for hand pointing picture
Those Outfits Running Search Engines Are Scrubbing Facts Not In ....Image result for hand pointing picture


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