Are Gun Manufactors Making More Weapons Just To Keep Up With Black Market Sales


Illegal Rifle Confiscation Picture

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        Why are call these Gun manufactors pumping out Automatic Weapons like crazy..Where is the market for them ?Surely not for any Nations Miliatary.Those destined for any Law Enforcement agency or Military are only manufactured on and by special order..So why are all these Hi powered Auto and Semi Automatic Rifles winding up  on the Streets on the hand of these maniacs?
 The Black Market thats why.While background are of the utmost importance..sad to say when any firearm is bought on the Black Market or an Illegal Street Corner buy just what background check is done then? None and that is the crux of the problem.


Years back the Drug companies were brought up on the carpet for making more of the Drug Quludes.It was insinuated that it was to keep up with illegal street drug trade..Hence Qualudes were  by law removed from the market.
As far as Hunters are concerned I find them despicable but they don’t hunt with any machine guns..So lets all do the math..
Why are they all these Hi Powered Automatic Rifles being produced? Having said that a good deal  come  smuggled  into our nation  from abroad.The U.S.has to put the screws to the leadership of the country of origin that these weapon’s are being made..The U.S. has to make sure  that the country of origin of these firearms have to step up both their Legislation and their Police work to help put an end to this situation.
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