I’m Tired Of Cooked News Interviews


I’m Tired Of Cooked News Interviews. By cooked I am refering to Pre Arranged Questions and Answers” Scripted” to make it appear that it is off the cuff or impromptu. I remember Matt Lauer interviewing Tom Hanks and Matt Lauer says what was your favorite roll and scene in one of your  staring movies to Hanks …Now this was a major star being interviewed on live T.V…  On the spot__unrehearsed and Hanks says his favorite roll and scene in a that he was  most fond in a particular film was. …   and low and behold Lauer has the clip ready and cued right to that spot .Bull sh-t , I see it on major news stories all the time ,they almost all the anchor reporters do it. While this may be alright with light fluff  human interest story as we just described but when it occurs on actual hard current news…  It’s paramount to manulating the story line and inventing the news rather than reporting on it.  My friends that’s not  what free press is supposed to be all about ..  When the major news media outlet engage in this diseption it makes them accually broadcasting “fake news” /end

cooked soup

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