Throw Turkey out Of Nato

   Flag NATO animated gif 240x180

     Throw Turkey out Of Nato, they shot down a Russian jet  and put all the nato nations in jeopardy a while back and  in a position that we were not in a half a century. The Russian aircraft may have strayed into Turkish airspace for maybe 40 seconds at the most, it was extremely irresponsible 8 of Turkey to Shot them Down for a 40 second infraction.

 turkey -russia  When Turkey was a secular government  it was ruled with differently now that it has strayed to  theocracy leaning   government , it is  not that easy to deal with to put it mildly . We are not defending Russia, but I wouldn’t want to go to war over this fiasco a 40 second flyover.They seem to be leaning in contrary to Nato interests altogether.If he uses any proxy Army or forces against any Nato nation member throw then out NATO and two have. JOINT NATO  attack as a reply.

WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture


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