Ain’t Called That No more… Partial List

Years ago things were Called by Differet Names Here Is A  Short List 
1 Persriptions are now Scrips
 2. Script  writing is now cursive.
3.Funky used to be the brown spot on your underwear after a week in the hamper , now its a modern article of clothing.
4.Stewardesses are now  flight attendants
5. french fires or now simplified called Fries
6..before WWI french toast was called German toast  
Sauerkraut  was changed to Liberty cabbage  
8.Frankfurters –    to Hot dogs
9.A tapered barber haircut is now a fade.
.10.Pizza parlors to pizzerias
11/ sanitary napkins are now pads
12, shell shock is now post traumatic syndrome
 13, going steady is now in a relationsh
14.House Phone is nowca a line

Gustoff Zhychick Says…


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