Plastic Surgery… To Look Like The Rest Of Society

  I often wondered why people get plastic surgery?  I can see if they had a clef lip at birth or an accident and was disfigured,but low self-esteem is what drives for example a Jew or Italian to name  a few groups  to perhaps get a nose job to fit into society better or an Asian to get an eye lift to look more occidental (western).
What happens in countries such as Israel,Italy or France where people have larger noses and that’s the norm. There is always a non-Jewish population living in Israel and a non-Italian group residing in Italy and France that are citizens now I’m not talking about a hand full but thousands.Do the non-Jewish Population in Israel or Non Italian population in Italy or France actually go to Plastic surgeons and get their noses enlarged? Sounds crazy no? but no less bizarre or no different from a Jew getting his or her nose shortened  in this country right here in America …think about it..same principle being performed .. It’s all about SELF ESTEEM that’s whats missing  from.many peoples lives today.
Alan king had a nose job so did Dean Martin and Neal Diamond Janet Jackson to name a few.  How sad and pathetic that they feel that they need to alter their facial features to fit into society and are ashamed of their ethic features and feel that’s the answer in order to fit or blend in today’s society.I’m proud to have  my ethic features and wouldn’t have them changed for all the gold in Fort Knox  /end

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