PATENT PENDING… My Intellectual Property… Poll.. Big Belly Clothing Line For Men(Cousin Chubby’s)

I  ( Don Lerman)  have this idea for mens shirts to be cut and designed different then they are right now as we speak. Mens shirts are sized by the chest size for example: 36in -38in is small , 38in – 40 in is medium  42 in -44 large  and 46in – 48 in is x large so on and so forth , get the picture?
My idea is to have the shirts cut biger in the belly area as the belly is always the first area to gain weight and leave the chest sizes alone . .Sort of like a materninty blouse for men so to speak .It’s an idea which time has come perhaps graced with the name Cousin Chubbys Big Belly , the ‘big belly line of shirts for heavier men .. whats your take let us know right here with our poll


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