You Never See A Bald Bum… Think About It !

 Hallelujah, I’m a Bum Again!” Light Orchid
         I remember watching the Johnny Carson Tonite show and Dick Van Patton star of eight is enough was on ,, and  he ( Van Patton ) went on to say that you never se a bald bum.That  statement stuck in my mind this last 35 years.Now there are many men who stay all night at bars drinking and are bald as a Billiard Ball. I figured it out….If your intake of alcohol  is  90 – 95% of your consumption of food or beverage it does something to the hair It seems tomakes it thicker and stronger.I wonder if  applying rubbing alcohol on  your head as topical would do the trick? The next time you spot a bum on the street buy him some food and take a look at his hair .I gaurantee that you will see that I’m 100% right in my assumption/end
Gustoff Zhychick Says….
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