You Never See A Bald Bum… Think About It !

 Hallelujah, I’m a Bum Again!” 
         I remember watching the Johnny Carson Tonite show and Dick Van Patton star of eight is enough was on Dick Van Patton went on to say that you never see a bald bum! That  statement stuck in my mind this last 45 years. Now there are many men who stay all night at bars drinking and are bald as a Billiard Ball. I figured it out….If your intake of alcohol  is  90 – 95% of your consumption of Alcohol  it does something to the hair growth . It seems to makes it thicker and stronger.   I wonder if  applying rubbing alcohol on  your head as topical would do the trick ?  The next time you spot a bum on the street buy him some food and take a look at his hair .I guarantee that you will see that I’m 100% right in my assumption/end

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