A Fun Fact: Who is The Most Powerful person In Society?





  Who is the most powerful person on todays Society?..Is it a Politician? Is it a Policeman? Is it the Top General at the Pentagon? If you said none of the above you are correct. It is none other than “The Auto Mechanic”!

Because every year he rams a pole up your rear end without mercy and it’s called an inspection. No driver is immune from his theivery. Then there is his good buddy the Dentist..He too is a very powerful member of society as well. You’ll soon find out that the dental Pic is mightier than the sword. He drills your mouth without mercy and  the inside of your mouth is like a small Gold mine.Are you ready for a $1,500 root canal? If he  wants a new car all he has to do is tell every patient that they must have oneand  lets say he has 8-10 patients a day at $1,500 a pop he has  the new Mercedes in 2 weeks, What a racket . God Help us/end

The Stick That Your Auto Mechanic Uses On The Day  He Inspects Your Car


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