“The Standing Ovation Became A Bunch of Bull”


 Whenever you go to a Music Hall regardless of the caliber of the stars talent is and it doesn’t matter how lousy they were on stage… everyone performing  today gets a standing ovation.
The Audience is loaded with shills who stand up and prime the crowd to do the same.
These are the same  type of phoney’s that comedy club’s plant in the audience to pepper the crowd in order to prime them to start off the laughter.
How sad there was a  time when you had to be  a star of a stature of a Enrico Caruso to get a standing ovation and then only when he gave the performance of a lifetime.
Sad to say those days have long sailed away.
So take some advice good advice from us at and just remain seated and only stand when they play The Star Spangled banner..end


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