Federal AND State Governments Cutting Programs & Services.. Savings Will Just End Up in the Pork Barrel

       Both the Federal & State  Governments are slashing programs and services with a Meat Cleaver, but who’s fooling who?
    While everyone  will feel the  pinch the  Good old pork barrel(n. Slang
A government project or appropriation that yields jobs or other benefits to a specific locale and patronage opportunities to its political represenative
  will most properly continue , unabated as before with this new found revenue from the cuts. We at the Lerman Report.Com  urge everyone to let your elected officials at know that this if and when it does happen that it is unacceptable , that even I cent is out of line if it is to go to Pork-Barrel
Thumbnail 0:08Porky Pig Cartoon Ending “That’s All Fonulks!”

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