For Nassau County (East Meadow Residents) Lets Make Eisenhower Park An Industrial Park


  (East Meadow Residents)

       Make Eisenhower [Park An Industrial  Park. East Meadow residents don’t benefit  from an Industrial Park as Hicksville, Bethpage  and Plainview does .East Meadiw Tax Payers are burdened with is the Jail, Numc and Eisenhower park .All basically  are non tax payers. What we propose is  turning it into an Industrial park  and get a tax base for the EastMeadow Homeowners so their taxes can go down on their homes.
     Lets face the facts ,who uses the park?  Not homeowners and their families they don’t need a park they bar -b -que in their own backyard … so who’s using the park? .Only those who are Renters of illegal apartments who want a spot to grill up a meal .We don’t have to maintain a park for them at taxpayers cost. Make The park into a deluxe Industrial park and lift  the tax burden away from East Meadow Homeowners..end

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