Eat it all-pay nothing at all Posted by pcampbell July 15th, 2010, 2:48 pm

Biscuits Recipe There was a short discussion on Twitter today about places that have eating challenges: big dishes you don’t pay for if you eat it all.

Which reminded me to blog this:

There’s a place out in Lawrenceburg called Howie’s Diner. It’s been there since 1961, and it’s open 24 hours a day.  Sort of an old-fashioned truck stop. It’s on Highway 50, right before you get to Hollywood Casino (formerly Argosy)

They serve breakfast all day, including biscuits and gravy. So this Saturday from 9-noon, they’ve got a challenge. They’re making huge biscuits with gravy, and if you eat it all, it’s free. But fair warning: it’s a huge biscuit; about a pound.  (looks good, too.) With a salad bowl (like a serving salad bowl) full of gravy, and they tell me there’s a lot of sausage in their gravy. If you don’t eat it all, it’s $19.99. (You might just go with your family and some friends and split it.)

They’d like you to sign up ahead of time, but you could be spontaneous and just show up

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