Update:Donna Simpson: World’s Fattest Mom? 600-Pound N.J. Woman Hoping for Spot in Guinness Book

Donna Simpson.At 600 pounds, Donna Simpson may already have the title of world’s fattest mom under her belt. And though she has recently disavowed her desire to become a half-ton woman, the 42-year-old resident of Old Bridge, N.J., is anything but abashed.
She has recently become a YouTube star and likes to show off her generous proportions on supersizedbombshells.com, a website created for people who can’t get enough of the big girls.
Simpson says she eats 12,000 calories a day, the Daily Mailreports. That’s almost seven times what the average woman should consume, says Marisa Sherry, a registered dietician who specializes in eating disorders.
Simpson first made headlines last March, when she told a British tabloid that she was super-sizing her portions on purpose. Her goal, she said, was to reach the 1,000-pound mark, putting her closer to earning a spot in the Guinness World Records book.
The story triggered heavy criticism from bloggers and tweeters around the world-including some who expressed concern for her 3-year-old daughter.
Chastened, Simpson recently told ABC.com that she didn’t really want to get that big, but that she likes living large and doesn’t care to lose weight.
“I like being fat,” she told WCBS in New York. “I guess I’m just comfortable. It’s a struggle for me to be thin, and I’ve said if it’s such a struggle it must not be natural, so I refuse to do the battle anymore.”
Simpson’s fame may grow along with her weight. She has a book deal in the works, and there is talk of her own reality TV show, Reuters reports.
But if supersize stardom is one of Simpson’s goals, it’s not the only one. Eager to stamp out discrimination against obese people, she’s become a vocal member of the “fat acceptance movement,” Reuters reports. She’s also a shoulder to cry on for plus-sized women who email her saying that love and happiness remain frustratingly elusive.

Of course, the extra weight comes with some heavy disadvantages. Simpson has so much trouble walking that she sometimes relies on a scooter to get around, according to Fox News. And while Simpson says she is healthy, Sherry says she is putting herself at high risk for health problems, including sleep apnea, heart disease, and a condition known as fatty liver.

Surprisingly, Simpson is almost petite in comparison to the heaviest woman who ever lived, Brooklyn-born Carol Yager, who topped the scales at 1,600 pounds. Yager died of heart failure in 1994.
Still, the Guinness book is considering granting Simpson’s wish, and putting her name under a new category – world’s most massive mom
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