Time For Israel To Recognize The 1915 Armenian Genocide By The Ottoman Turks

         It’s high time that Israel does what every Jew in his heart feels…  recognize the 1915 Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Turks.We can understand that at one time and too long ago Israel Maintained good relations with Turkey..it  respected the Turkish leadership as a trusted member of NATO…That ship has sailed. However little by little Turkish strongman and dictator has slowly moved into the  corner of radical Islam.Israel has now become their #1 whipping boy.
He is publicly agitating and acting in the capacity of chief Rabble Rouser steaming up Hamas to both perpetrator terror and go to war against Israel..Therefore Israel no longer has to tiptoe…walk on eggs and worry about insulting Turkey.
Israel should immediately recognize  this both tragic and barbaric act..It should’ve have been done years ago.Now is the right time !

    Armenian – 1915 Genocide


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‘Jewish lobby behind U.S. Armenia genocide vote’ – Haaretz – Israel …


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Israel May Retaliate Against Turkey by Recognizing the Armenian …

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