Europe Can Kiss Goodbye Their Tourist Trade…

Stan Kenton – Tampico/
     Europe Can Say Goodbye To Their Tourist Trade. Years ago any nation made its money basically by what natural resources that they had …Ore.. Coal.. Lumber…Oil. Those days are long gone .Today Any  commodities for any one  of the Europe Union Nation’s have been strictly reduced to the tourism trade and trade only.
     When you de board from a cruise ship around the periphery of the ship and gift shops it’s kept beyond safe. However venture merely one step out of the gift shop area and you take your life on your own hands. All of the tour guides will deliberately detour you away from the no Go zone that their Muslim and Arab immigrant populations have set up.
   There is  absolutely  nothing special about going to Europe anymore. Years ago you only perhaps only saw an artist’s rendition or from film footage of other famous historical spots. Today everyone see video tape or a live  stream.That has take away the luster  of seeing any of theses famous landmarks in person.
Any traveler will tell you that whatever any Souvenir Shops are selling is Unadulterated’s Frivolous and can be purchase cheaper when you return back to your country of origin.
Let us clue every tourist in on a little known annoyance that you may endure from the Customs Agents when they look over what gifts that you return home with.Not far away from each & every U.S. international Airport they have what is known as “Duty Brokers” If the customs agent determines that the wrist watch that your bringing  in is valued over a certain amount he then sends you out side of the Airport grounds have one of these duty brokers come in pay a tariff on gift  rendering  it the furthest thing  from a bargain at all.
     So save your hard earned money because practically everything sold there is no different from what is sold back in  the states “MADE IN CHINA” anyway.We urge everyone that’s planing to vacation  in Europe to go to China instead..This way you can but all your souvenirs when you return home.
Bottom line.. .stay home …go to Branson Missouri… Vegas..Disney world..Checkout the Statue of liberty and the rest of The what Big apple has to offers. Beside all of these European shopkeepers and their populate have zero respect from Americans.

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