Main Stream Press No More New Reporting News… Only Presenting Commentary

The Mainstream Press has ceased to actually reporting the News.In it’s place is a biased steady diet of  Anti Trump commentary.Basically the entire Press Corps both Written as well as T.V (Broadcast and Cable) are sumerged in it.They take the lead story and then begin their Anti Trump diatribe.We would venture to say that what the Public are seeing today is paramount to only 10% News and 90% Commentary. When we had  the Gov’t shut down  twice under The Obama Administration they never once had a single word of discontent directed toward Obama.
The new Liberals remain a hateful bunch. We tell everyone that The Democratic Party  today is no longer the Political Party of your dear old departed Granny and JFK.In it’s place is an uncompromising bunch of radicals no longer respecting  anyone elses Beliefs or Traditions that is not inline with their own.
Is this what all these Men and Woman  saught a career as Reporters and T.V. Anchors for?They have killed Journaism and replaced it with a steady diet of Parroting the  whims of their Program Director.Don’t take our word for yourself … judge for yourself.

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