Resturants Look To Decieve You With Odd Shaped Plates And Bowls..

   Take notice the next time that you dine out..Resturants look to fool you with Diamond shaped plates and  Speaker or Sea Shell Shaped Soup or Salad Bowls.While we except some sort of  price increace now and then..As far as we are concerned this practice has got to go.What these Eateries are intending to do is give an optical illusion of more food on the plate and in the Bowls when  they bring it over to the table.Guess what Resturants? It doesn’t work ..You may think that your pulling the wool over your patron’s eye’s but your fooling nobody but your self.Yes it looks pretty and modern…However the custumer figures it out very quickly as they exit your place as hungry as when they entered.Someone once told me”That you can only screw him once”.As the old exspression goes fool me once shame on you..but fool me twice shame on me.For Heavan’s sake just bring back the old plates and Bowls and just raise your prices a bit.
If you want to keep your Resturant going than this deception must stop.

lerman (1)


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