South Korean Leaders Capitulation To Kim Jong-un Is Simply Shameful

Johnnie Ray – Cry – 




It was just reported that South Korea will march under one banner at The 2018 Winter Olympics along with The North Koreans.
For the South Koreans to capitulate to  North Korea under the tutlege of Kim Jong-un is simply shameful..For all the U.S.Serviceman’s blood spilt in Korea right up to the present time where U.S.has had Troops deployed there for over 60 years we find South Korea’s present actions discraceful.For South Korean leader Moon Jae-in to do this without  capitulation or any change in policy from North Korea is simply not acceptable.
The U.S should cut off any financial aid and pull our troops out immediatly.South Korea wants a repatriation with North Korea?Let them have it….but don’t come running to Uncle Sam to pull your chestnuts out of the fire when Kim Jong-un sticks it to you..


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Is It Time to Reassess the U.S.-South Korea Alliance? – The Atlantic
International Herold 


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