Solution To Our Overcrowded Immigration Problem..

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   The U.S. has a massive immigration problem. There is overcrowding  in every Major cities particularly in N.Y. Miami and L.A. Not only is the water supply in major cities being  put to task there is not enough place in the current Garbage Dumps to handle the load. Schools are overcrowded and all other municipal service are being greatly overworked.
We at the Lerman report have  solution at hand and here it is…
Have the immigrants assigned a to live in for city for  a period of 6 years and  each and every immigrant must go to an INS office once a week including their Family members to be Fingerprinted as to verify that they didn’t relocate to another city. When the 6 years are up they can pick up and relacate anywhere in the U.S.A. and its territories…if they violate the agreement, very simple….DEPORTATION !. End


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