Why Does Obama’s Speech Pattern’s Or Accent Sound As If He Grew Up In A Inner City of America? …

In all eight years of Obama was President including  his  time stumping on the Presidential campaign trail I never once heard any news media outlet or any on line news  contributors bring this subject up. However as Editor and Blog Administrator I will do so…
Obama was raised in Indonesia moved there at age 2 and then moved  to Hawaii in 1972. Yet when he talks you would swear he was raised in any American inner city. I am Brooklyn Boy born in the 1940’s..I left Brooklyn way back in the late 1960’s.I was a guest on National Radio in 2004.Someome  who was a co worker of mine in the late 60’s tuned in and heard me speak He immediately recognized  my voice..My Brooklyn accent never changed one bit on all those 40 years of being away from my hometown.
That’s my point..why did Obama’s accent and speech patterns change?I think when he spoke as a Politician he puts on this fake inner city style of speech.While I’m not raising the “Birther”issue… one has to walk away scratching his head in puzzelment…Why  did no body pick up on this before?
Al Gore is another Politician doing more or less of the same.When he’s  up North..he speaks in his best Harvard stlye English …but when he’s below the Mason Dixon line down South..If you shut your eyes you”d be hard pressed to he able to tell him apart from  that of Andy Griffith.Ask any Professor of language they will concur with me 100%…Is their speech patterns and accent contrived for the camera’s? I think so..what about you?


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